MASS 5 Series

About the MASS 5 Series Moving Bridge
The Anderson MASS 5 Heavy Duty Open Gantry series 5-axis CNC machining center set a new level of accuracy and machining performance for large scale open gantry machining centers. It is an ideal choice for large format machining of aluminum and composite materials. The Anderson Open Gantry design allows for maximum work envelope flexibility that can handle very large parts.

Modular Design
Machine frame sizes are available in a number of large format sizes. The open frame allows for easy access and is configured as a full open bridge design or with an optional steel table or grid vacuum table.

The solid base and substructure remain smooth and rigid while all 5-axis are in full 5-axis machining mode.  The highly rigid C and B gearbox are designed for smooth motion and high tensional stability throughout the range of motion. The large open format and high Z-axis creates a large machining envelop for machining surfaces, pockets, holes and other key machining surfaces to high level of tolerance on all sides. World class five CNC controls are available on the Anderson MASS 5 HD, as well as optional high precision glass reference scales. Control access from both Ethernet that includes Internet remote technical support.

Work piece holding flexibility is provided by optional clamping, grid or manifold vacuum systems. The MASS 5 HD has an industry standard G-code platform that allows easy interface with all major CAD/CAM software packages. Additional options include work piece dimension probing, both single and multiple zone capabilities and custom configurations upon request.

Basic configuration MASS 5 Open Gantry 5-Axis
Application Composites/Aluminum
Table configuration Open Gantry
Table Style open, flat steel, T slot
Zones 1 zone
Table Size in mm (metric) width : 3,000 - 6,000 mm (118” - 236”)
length : 6,000 - 16,000 mm (236” - 630”)
Table Height optional
Standard Z (stroke) #1 1,000 - 3,000 mm (39.3” - 118”)
B and C-axis B : ± 100° | C : ± 200°
Control FANUC 31i or SIEMENS 840D
Router Spindle 9/13.5/18 kW (12/18/24 HP) (HSK 63F, 22,000 rpm)
18.5 kW (25 HP) Vector (HSK 63E, 18,000 rpm)
Automatic Tool Changer ATC : 10, 12, 16, 20
Ranrob : 12, 16, 20, 32
Barriers optional
Vac. Prep Kit optional
Pump Size 7.5/18.6/29.8/37.3 kW (10/25/40/50 HP) options
Safety fence optional
X-Drive System Rack
Y-Drive System Rack
Z-Drive System Ball Screw
rapids/cutting X,Y,Z X;Y;Z=36/36/12 m/min
rapids/cutting C, B B&C=60°/sec 24 m/min
Remote Internet Diagnostics yes
Tool Holders included